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What is green?

Many of the things we use every day, or versions of them, can be considered “green,” or environmentally friendly.

Criteria for a green product should include first and foremost, quality–no product can be considered green which quickly breaks or tears, and/or which does not work well, for all too soon, it will need to be recycled (if that’s even possible) or simply tossed. Quality is an environmental issue!

Other green criteria can include whether a product’s container is easy to empty (particularly in the case of food or cosmetic products), whether easy to refill if supposedly refillable, or whether the packaging inspires “wrap rage.”

The manufacturing process and the sourcing can be green if made with organic and recycled materials, such as is the case with furniture manufacturer Herman Miller (maker of the Aeron chair), but these cannot always be the primary criteria for considering a product to be green, for the production of some product lines is more environmentally intensive than others (though there’s always room for improvement).

Many products are not hawked as being green, but by virtue of being durable (thus significantly reducing waste) or having minimal packaging, are green by default. Also, a product may be green if its use saves a significant amount of energy, which often translates to noticeable monetary savings as well.