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Flat-out beautiful…on LCD monitors

Talk about your win-win situations; not only are LCD (the flat screen) computer monitors smaller than the (formerly more common) CRTs, they also use less energy, according to EnergyStar. Now that the LCD monitor prices are comparable to those of the CRTs, there’s no reason not to treat yourself, if you’re in the market for a new monitor.

Of course, there are  aesthetic and quality-of-life considerations to choosing an LCD over a CRT. There’s the “ooh” factor–a big one. The LCD is sleek, stylish, and beautiful. However, while the monitor is less bulky, the LCD has more actual screen space, while using less desk space! (And displays a more beautiful picture to boot.)

There’s also the “aah” factor–less bulk. In fact, LCDs are not heavy. This is a great relief when it comes to arranging your workspace ergonomically, because the LCD’s lightweight profile means that you can arrange your area so that it’s the most comfortable for everyday use. And now that moving your monitor around won’t give you a hernia, you’re more likely to arrange your area in a more healthful manner. For instance, with my old CRT, while I could theoretically move my monitor to an angle that caused less visual strain, actually moving it in any way was a chore. Not like so:


You can pivot the LCD to whatever angle you need, and also easily prop it on top of something level, if you need to raise its profile. No more  forklifts needed!

* * *

The only thing left after purchasing your LCD monitor is to safely dispose the CRT, preferably by recycling with a company such as Turtle Wings if you’re in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Being green has never been easier, on the body or on the pursestrings!

(Above photos are views of the Dell SE178WFP flat panel monitor.)