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Waste not, want not, or, the case for the corporate crayon

A few years ago, the fancy office supply mail order outfit, Levenger, offered colorful wooden pencils as a type of highlighter, in colors like yellow, light pink, and bright green. (It still offers them.) This gave me the idea of finding cheaper, less wasteful alternatives to the highlighter–which quickly dries up, and must be tossed soon after being used (which is quite frequently). However, as I have issues with pencil sharpeners, the wooden pencil-style highlighter was not going to be in my future.

Art supply stores like Plaza were my hunting grounds for the anti-highlighter when, voila! The lowly watercolor crayon, particularly the Karat Aquarell, turned out to be perfectly suited to be America’s next top highlighter–with no sharpening needed. It offers good coloring of white paper without bleeding through, yet is transparent, allowing the text to show. Also important is its smooth gliding on a variety of paper types, from regular copy paper to glossy paper. Of course, you can decide how faint or how bright you wish to highlight a certain portion of text with the watercolor crayon, unlike a highlighter,which only allows you to color with the same intensity all the highlighted text.


Watercolor crayons last a nice long time, and the only waste involved in its use is in periodically peeling off bits of the paper encasing them.

To strike a sophisticated pose before and after using such them, simply hold one as you would a pen or pencil.

For less than $2 each, these watercolor crayons (a.k.a. highlighter alternatives) save all kinds of green!