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More on the way! (High quality recycled writing paper, that is)

It seems that every time you turn around, there is a greater variety of truly green (not merely greenwashed) products and services becoming available. As Martha would say, that’s a good thing. A case in point is the new set of 100% recycled lined writing pads that I stumbled across at Tar-zhe.

New Leaf brand 100% recycled lined paper

New Leaf brand 100% recycled lined paper

The shocker was not the paper’s nice quality, as much as the fact as the manufacturer is the respected New Leaf  Paper company, which for years has been churning out recycled paper products used by ecologically responsible printers and publishers such as Chelsea Green Books, VegNews magazine, and locally, Ecoprint (in Silver Spring).

A three-pad set retails for about $6.99, so it’s not the cheapest eco-product, although if you write in (mechanical) pencil often (and the accompanying eraser), the cost  to use drops dramatically. One nice benefit is that this reasonably thick paper will not fade and yellow, eventually rendering your musings unreadable.

Power to the people, indeed.


Easy eco-snazzy for the office?

Because of the many pricey eco-friendly products on the market, it might seem that to snazz up your office space with eco-friendly supplies, you’d need an expense account–which is not happening in these times!


However, browsing in Target recently, these coated, colorful tabbed file folders from Greenroom Eco caught my eye, with their snappy geometric patterns. What made me do a double take was the reasonable price–$3.99 for a 12-pack, including blank labels. Wait, there’s more! These smooth office beauties are 60% recycled, and printed with soy-based ink.

Fashionable and affordable environmentally friendly office products–who’da thunk it?