In your face with e-post-its…

Now, I tend to use paper-based sticky notes more as labels instead of as reminders, so that I know at a glance what a page refers to, what a stack of papers is for, and such. (There are stickies made from recycled paper, but I don’t use paper stickies often enough to justify buying them, for now.)

However, there remains a need for a good reminder, of more than one type. Common programs that are good reminders include Outlook; however, its notes feature is weak, and OneNote appears too complicated to be used as an electronic version of the sticky note.

However, there’s still a need for simple notes that stay on your computer’s desktop, in your face, as it were (unlike Outlook’s note feature, which closes when you close Outlook), so enter the world of e-notes. I’ve tried a couple of the free ones, most notably Sticky Notes for Windows. It was acceptable at first, although it lacked flexibility (couldn’t change fonts, colors), but became erratic after a while, so I chucked it.

I wondered whether 3M had an electronic rendition of its venerable post-it notes for Windows, and it did. (It even runs on Vista.) Fortunately, a full free trial version of this program is available, which runs for 30 days.


With this program, which costs $19.99, you can have more than one note on the desktop, have them in different colors, the text in various fonts, format the text (bold, italics, differing sizes), re-size the note windows to your heart’s content, and much more. Features that I haven’t yet tried include setting alarms for notes, inserting photos. All your notes can be put on an electronic corkboard, if you prefer.

The drawback of this program, as you may have guessed, is that it takes up a bit of memory, and I tend to stay away from those that are memory hogs. However, this one has proved so useful and simple that I overlooked that shortcoming. (I deleted some of the bloatware that came with my system soon after I purchased it, so I had room for these e-stickies.)


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  1. Cheers..Well Written


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