The Pilot G2 pen–environmental ninja!

What’s green about the bestselling gel ink pen line, the Pilot G2 (particularly since Pilot has introduced a “green” counterpart, the BeGreen line , composed of mostly recycled material)?


For one, the G2 is widely available, at most drug stores and office supply stores, which is where most people purchase it (or any other) writing utensil. Important features are that the covering to its ink barrel is transparent (allowing you to see how much ink remains), the ink writes smoothly, the pen is easily refillable, the pen has a clip (which keeps it from rolling away from you and getting lost—more waste) and works consistently—no more inoperable pens junking up a drawer or pen cup with a few G2s on hand!




Moreover, the G2 is a reasonable price, just slightly more expensive than the throwaway (Bic) pens. Also, the inexpensive refills are widely available, making owning a G2 cheaper overall. To refill a G2, just twist the pen open, take out the empty ink barrel, place the new ink chamber inside, then twist pen to close.

There’s even a more “professional” version, the G2 Limited, which has a metal clip (yay—the clip is my only quibble with the G2, as it can break, being brittle plastic). However, it would appeal to me if it had a thick glass encasing instead of the brushed metal look, to keep it transparent. (I’d still like to see the ink, even in a fancy pen.)


I’m mystified as to why the Pilot company didn’t simply manufacture its G2 line with an increasing percentage of recycled material, and flaunt that fact on its packaging, instead of creating a new product line. The existence of a new platform to add to what was already an environmentally friendly product seems the opposite of green thinking (at least in the environmental sense).


Nonetheless, the G2 kicks derriere, which makes it an environmental ninja in the best sense!


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