Dell 948 all-in-one printer


One green product that’s great for home use is Dell‘s 948 all-in-one printer, because it’s also a copier/scanner/fax.

I like the printer because it’s not difficult to set up and use. What makes the machine green include its manufacturer, which has upgraded its recycling program, and which participates in Staples’ ink recycling program (which offers great incentives to recycling by turning in ink cartridges back to Staples for them to be recycled, which gets you $3 in rewards points per cartridge!).

As the 948 is for home/small office use, it’s not a space hog, thankfully. I don’t use its fax feature much, however, as the faxes I send out are usually small enough to be handled via an Internet fax service such as faxzero.

The truly green aspect of the 948 is that it saves trips and paper, meaning that you save petroleum–any time you conserve resources, you’re conserving petroleum, because practically everything synthetic is made from petroleum), as well as saves time. For instance, the scanning feature allows you to scan and save in such popular formats such as .jpg and .pdf, which comes in handy–I’ve often scanned flyers and notices, and e-mailed them to others, saving paper, ink, and wear and tear! The scanner also works rapidly, another plus. This feature also enables me to cut down on the number of copies that I print out, conserving even more petroleum, in that it saves ink.

The print feature settings are quite clear, and it’s easy to choose two-sided printing, which saves massive amounts of paper. (Keeping the print preview icon at the top of my browser, and using it before printing anything also saves paper and ink.)

My only quibble is the print setting default is “shrink to fit,” so you must use print preview before printing to set the text size to 100%, so that the text you print is actually large enough to read!


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